KYMAT makes music with plants and these are visible in water-sound images.
The sound waves are translated into water waves that forms geometric shapes. It’s called cymatics, it’s a science.

The sound structures can be found everywhere in nature.

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The music is made to fall asleep, meditate and look in the stars.
It’s a hypnotation, you see what you hear and hear what you see.

There are live performances worldwide, we are looking forward to meeting you!

500 copies of vinyl LP are only available here on the page.

KYMAT digital you will find at your provider –


The installations are specially designed for the exhibitions. Interactive, playful, scientific, we celebrate the marvelous nature.

A camera films a small cup filled with water. Vibration forms patterns on the water surface. Depending on the frequency, the shape change. In this way sound becomes visible and tangible.

A meditative sound journey, a walk between the worlds.

An invitation to slow down and an offer to be totally here and now.

Here are a few videos from “Art Basel” Hong Kong, “Design Week” Milan, “Nuit Blanche” Paris, “Photography Playground” Berlin.

There are many more videos in this collection –

click here for the vimeo album


A few pictures of cymatics, installations, experiments and live shows.




sven meyer
karolinenstr. 21 / haus 7 
20357 hamburg – germany

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